Jul 9, 2017

So I saw Wonder Woman...

I managed to catch Wonder Woman the other day (let’s not talk about how I managed this).

Listen I get that it’s a female power fantasy, I’d wish the girls would be more transparent about that. Diana, extremely beautiful, extremely smart, extremely powerful swims out and saves the blonde himbo from his wreck of a plane and then walks in on him nude, if the genders were reversed you mean to tell me we wouldn’t have people complaining about this?

Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great movie because honestly it really is!

I enjoyed it a great deal and Wonder Woman is a hard character to get right.

I’ve bought Wonder Woman when I was buying comics based around who the creative team was on the book at the time. Some people can do a good job, some people just do a horrible job of it. It reminds me of Captain Marvel, it can be good if the right person is writing the book but more often than not the creative team just doesn’t understand how to breathe life into a character.

Wonder Woman the movie though is just GREAT!

And I have to say I don’t care that women are getting gassed because their power fantasies are being realized. It’s cool with me and certainly it’s great to see that they have done such a terrific job with the movie and the character.

Here’s a rub for you though...

Wouldn’t it be funny if DC actually did a better job with female superheroes on film than Marvel?

Think about it... what came out of Suicide Squad was a Harley Quinn project and a possible Birds of Prey movie and now I have no doubt Wonder Woman is going to be a big success at the box office for 2017.

Can you tell me where Marvel has been able to do the same? (Jessica Jones? I think not).

Wonder Woman has an interesting history that a lot of folks aren’t aware of. People don’t actually realize that Wonder Woman is the first hero born of kink.

Think I’m talking out of my ass? Well, the truth of it is that William Moulton Marston was quite the kinkster:
On the other hand, “The Secret History of Wonder Woman” is fundamentally a biography of Wonder Woman’s larger-than-life and vaguely creepy male creator, William Moulton Marston (1893-1947). He was a Harvard graduate, a feminist and a psychologist who invented the lie detector test. He was also a huckster, a polyamorist (one and sometimes two other women lived with him and his wife), a serial liar and a bondage super-enthusiast.
Now, is there a certain amount of irony that the world’s feminist icon sprung forth from the mind of a pervert? LOL! I’m trying to think how that would go over in certain circles and I’m thinking it might not go over too well.

Still I commend DC and Warner’s for doing a great job and for making Wonder Woman more than just an accessory to a male dominated genre instead being a character with an outlook and story true to the character and uniquely her own.

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